In memory of our baby girl Phebe!
November 07, 2002 – March 27, 2007

On February 21, 2007 Phebe gave birth to a little boy. It was a surprise for me because I did not want her to be bred, but oh well, I guess she found a way. By the time the Puppy was four week’s old, I wanted to start weening him off slowly. I purchased some Pedigree Puppy food (one that was made in china) and offered it to him but the little guy liked mom’s milk better.
Phebe ate the puppy’s food for four day’s. On March the 24th, our very strong and healthy little girl was deadly ill and we rushed her to the animal ER. The doctors did what ever they could to save her, but sadly on March 27th, our beautiful baby died in our bed as I held her in my arms . She passed  away because I was sold tainted Dog Food. We still thank God that he spared her little boy Miracle. After this happened, we will never again feed any can dog food to our babies. My husband and I have researched numerous types of dry dog food to make sure that we feed only the best. We will only feed them ” Wellness” Small  Breed dry dog food. We will never buy wet dog food that was made in china ever again! If you truly care about your dog, we suggest you don’t as well.