Throughout my many years in the Yorkie business, I have met so many good people and really love and enjoy my job. There’s no better feeling than watching my customers face light up when they take home their new family member.

I have seen many puppy mills. Cages full of sick, malnourished, inbred Yorkies living in unsanitary conditions. These dogs usually end up in a mall pet store, so beware. Also be sure to ask to see both the mom and dad of the puppies, there is no reputable breeder that will have a problem with this.

My Yorkie business is small. I have one small sire (Charly) and four slightly larger dams, Maya Shay ,  Bonnie Ray , Susie Q and Piper. Having a smaller sire helps insure little difficulty during delivery. With a total of just four breeders, I’m allowed time to give each of my babies the individual attention needed. I never over breed my girls and will retire them as part of my family as you see with Joey, Miracle, Cody, Nicky and Maggy May.

All of my Yorkies are AKC registered with the sire being DNA tested. My Yorkies have the run of the house as well as our thirty acre farm.

All of my puppy’s are handled from birth, they are well socialized with people and other Yorkies. Each puppy has their tail docked, dewclaws removed, wormed, and recieve all of the current vaccinations. I like to sell my puppies no earlier than ten to twelve weeks old. This allows enough time to be winged from their mother.

Thank you for your interest in Neer’s Little Yorkies.