Expecting Mommy’s

We are very excited !!!!!

SusieQ’s babies arrived on 9-12-2020. She gave birth to 5 little boys and 1 little princess. SusieQ and her babies are doing wonderful .

36 thoughts on “Expecting Mommy’s

  1. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    JD, I will call you as soon as the babies are born.You are also welcome to come and meet all of my little doggies.

  2. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Good morning,
    I never rehome any of my babies , mine are here to stay till they go over the rainbow bridge.
    I will merry e-mail you the name and phone number of a rescue in your area.
    Have a Merry Christmas and good luck in finding a little buddy for your mom.

  3. Sherrie Rastel

    The mother is beautiful with her lovelies. I was wondering if you have any of the puppies left for sale?
    We are both retired and live in Ontario. In Bradenton for a vacation. Also, what is the fee for adopting one your pups?
    Thank you.

  4. Alicia

    Good evening. I am looking to purchase a male yorkie puppy in the very near future. Do you have any available puppies? Do you have any upcoming litters? Can you make a deposit and if so, what is the amount. Thank you for your time.

    All of your babies are simply beautiful.

    Mrs. Alicia

  5. Crystal dorsey

    Hi miss Neer this is crystal Dorsey my husband and I purchased our baby Chloe from u about a year and a half ago and we are looking to expand our family. Chloè is extremely playful and gets along w all other dogs but we would prefer to have only Yorkies. I’ve been looking at your new parti litter and we are very interested. Please call me or I will call u 254-654-3910 I am looking forward to hearing from you! As you told us you can’t have just one!

  6. Mimi Jones

    Hello, I’m looking to purchase a puppy very soon, I’m interested in a female puppy that’s not too pricey, but will take a male too.

  7. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Good morning Danette,
    My Piper is pregnant ( all of her babies are already spoken for ) and my Bonnie Ray is in heat right now,if you like I can add you to my waiting list.

  8. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Good morning Cathy ! $1500 for the traditional and $1800 for my Parti or Golden girls.
    Have a great day,

  9. April

    Good morning,
    We are interested in purchasing a Yorkie puppy up to the age of a year. Our daughter has a Yorkie and we just love his big personality so we’re ready to welcome one into our home. We would prefer a female but would also be open to a male. We’d better know by meeting and spending some time with the puppy(ies) to see their personalities if possible. Please let us know what we need to do next.
    We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, April

  10. Allie

    Hi I am interested in a female Yorkie and I was wondering if any of the puppies are still available.

  11. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Good morning , I’m sorry for the late reply. All I have right now available is a little boy, But 2 of my girls are expecting babies in May and June. Allie please let me know if you like to be added to my waiting list.

  12. MICKEY

    I am looking for a female yorkie, I understand there is a wait list. Can you add me to that list?

  13. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Good morning Mickey, I gladly will add you to my waiting list. Please private message me your , full name ,address and phone number. My phone number is 713-305-2551, have a great day, Manuela

  14. Tammy Campbell

    Hi I am very interested in one of your fur babies. Looking for a female parti or golden.

  15. Jingjing

    Hi!I am interested in your sweet puppies. Wish a male little one. Shall I still have a chance?

  16. Tammy Campbell

    Hi I was curious if Miss Paige and Miss Tracy had their babies.

    Thank you


  17. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Hello Tammy. Paige gave birth on July the 8th , to 5 babies. She had 4 little girls and 1 little boy, mom and babies are doing great. Now we are waiting for Miss Tracy’s babies to arrive.

  18. Kelly Bond

    We spoke earlier last week. Has Tracy become a new Mom yet.? Please keep me in mind, would love to bring two siblings home.

  19. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Good morning John, thank you for your interest in my babies but all have been already been sold. In August is our Bonnie due to have her babies.

  20. Neer's Little Yorkies Post author

    Hello Sandy, I don’t have any babies available right now but 2 of my girls are expecting. If you like I can add you to my waiting list.

  21. Tristain Micko

    Hello! I’m interested. Would you mind adding me to the waiting list? I do have a few questions, and I sent an email a few days back but I’m not sure you got it.

    Thank you!

  22. Adolfo

    Good afternoon.
    I’ll would like to be added on the waiting list!
    Are there still spots available?
    It’s my wife birthday in a month and I’m looking for a york puppy for her!
    Let me know please.

  23. Tricia White

    I would be interested in a male baby yorkie! Would you mind putting me on your waiting list? My husband & I would very much appreciate it! Kind regards, Tricia White

  24. Marilynne C. Gorman

    Very interested in little girl. We just lost our Yorkie that we had for 15 years. We have had 2 Yorkies over the past years. Love their personalities.
    Marilynne Gorman

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