Little Miss Hope !

This is Miss Hope , she is Page’s little girl and sweet as can be. Best puppy kisses ever !!!

Hope was born on 7/8/2020.

This little girl will be stunning !!!!!

12 thoughts on “Little Miss Hope !

  1. Betsy Helander

    Hi! Looking for a Yorkie! Can I see the parents or get more info on this little gal? Thank you.

  2. Anja Ilka Christie

    Hallo Manuela! Ist Hope schon vergeben, oder besteht da noch eine Moeglichkeit? Mein Mann Dave Christie hatte mit Dir Kontakt aufgenommen. Wir sind sehr interessiert! ❤

  3. Suzy

    Are any of your babies available? I have had Yorkies and I just lost to illness my little bit. I am looking to replace and start again.

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